My night with the chemical bitch 

Had a great night using and dominating my sub human white boy faggot. It started out as a simple phone call. It’s the only one that has gained that privelage. He said he was missing me and needed to talk to me for more reprogramming. The sound of my voice and the commands I give it slows him to feel like he’s worth something. To keep the mind open I had him “chemically” induced which he enjoys… I had him empty his entire bank account that night which it Told me it was an honor that he could. You bitch boys better step your game up…. 

Doing something I shouldn’t be…..

Master out here washing my car… It’s your sucker ass, loser ass white boys that should be here doing these simple tasks for me. I had to dismiss my last bitch because he couldn’t handle my request. where the real serving white boy fags at? I need one… Where you at bitch?

Fag boy said he wanted to pay my bills this month…

Met this white boy last night and he said he was blinded by sexiness and powerful presence and he felt the need to submit and serve…. Who’s next? You know you want to… submit to me bitches….