My Asian Pig… oink oink oink

This is the fate of all you sub fuck bitches. Its’s time to come home to DADDY… time to kneel and serve and OBEY your KING… This bitch loves to spoil his KING and that’s what he did… Fall in line pigs and come home to DADDY…..

My night with the chemical bitch 

Had a great night using and dominating my sub human white boy faggot. It started out as a simple phone call. It’s the only one that has gained that privelage. He said he was missing me and needed to talk to me for more reprogramming. The sound of my voice and the commands I give it slows him to feel like he’s worth something. To keep the mind open I had him “chemically” induced which he enjoys… I had him empty his entire bank account that night which it Told me it was an honor that he could. You bitch boys better step your game up…. 

Fag boy said he wanted to pay my bills this month…

Met this white boy last night and he said he was blinded by sexiness and powerful presence and he felt the need to submit and serve…. Who’s next? You know you want to… submit to me bitches….

Out running errands


Out here in the streets running errands and I shouldn’t be… one of you bitches should be here driving me and catering to my every need. Which one of bitches is gone be?? Speak now or forever hold your peace fuck boys…✌✌✌

Boot Cleaning Season!

So one night MASTER was bored and figured I’ll turn on MY niteflirt account and sit and wait for a loser bitch to call and trick off on ME… Low and behold a bitch rang MY foot servitude line and talked about how he wanted to serve ME.. A lot of you bitches are just games so I played along with the stupid fucker and talked and took his money that night… He called backed and proclaimed his love for his new found GOD and how he needed ME, how he wanted to kneel and be MY human foot stool and wanted to be MY one only boot licking sub bitch…. I told him sure but a task and responsibility like that doesn’t come easy… him being the loyal low boot licking bitch he is, made his dream a reality… I remember to this day like it was yesterday… boot bitch arranged transportation for me to his location and had a room set up in his house for serving ME. I entered and he immediately dropped to his knees and kissed MY boots… he then walked ME to his play room where history was made of him becoming my sole licking, boot cleaning, white boy bitch.  As you can see from the picture he had his restraints where I locked him in chains and bound until my boots were clean enough to be worn again.  Who’s next… MASTERS waiting?