Yeah I’m back…

I’ve been gone for a minute. But that what’s Kings do… Been so busy getting my dick sucked in the South Pacific… Aussie bitches to New Zealand bitches with a quick stop off in Hawaii to Fuck with the Pacific Islanders. Your Master month was amazing… shout out to all the dick suckers that was able to taste my sweet nectar… Now I’m back, now I’m ready for you bitches again… text me, call me, email me, tribute me, spoil me… tis the season pigs…..

My Asian Pig… oink oink oink

This is the fate of all you sub fuck bitches. Its’s time to come home to DADDY… time to kneel and serve and OBEY your KING… This bitch loves to spoil his KING and that’s what he did… Fall in line pigs and come home to DADDY…..